Universal Weather: Week of July 6, 2015


This week the emphasis will be around family. You might feel nostalgic for mother with a great desire for comfort and attachment. You may really want to be a part of something this week. As the week progresses, the universal vibration is good for “belonging.” Remember that mother can be Mother. If, for some reason, your biological mother is unavailable (or unsuitable), rest assured that Mother or The Great Other is abundant and readily available. You can find her everywhere. Mind limiting your ideas about family. If you like, let your ideas about family be as big as you like. Imagine everyone you meet this week as a part of your family. See what that feels like.

This week’s moon in Taurus favors the natural beauty of Mother Earth and your natural relationship to her through your own creativity. Mars in Cancer will collaborate with Neptune and dynamically expand your vision. It is okay to think big, because you come from a really big and supportive family. You might want to let go of your longing. You might breathe in belonging and create a reality that supports you. It will likely feel good. Mind any desire to take control. It is a big family you come from and there is no controlling it, but there is influence and you may do very well to collaborate this week. The path is varied this week and it is okay to meander a bit. Find a way to trust in your own vision. It is a risk, but well worth it. The end of the week may provide you great faith in yourself if you allow it.

Remember: Respect the space, you are a steward of the universe.

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