Universal Weather: Week of June 22, 2015


Heads up and pay attention, fast moving water ahead! We are moving forward and at a good clip, but we are in the water for sure. The week might be charged with emotion from the surreal to the “way too real.” There is lots of support out there this week with Jupiter well situated, but sometimes support isn’t exactly what’s best. Sometimes a reality check is necessary. Mind your heart and head and keep a good balance to stay afloat – nice and steady in the flow.

This week it will be helpful to slow your strong responses. Watch your emotion. Remember that your thoughts inform your emotions, your emotions inform your physiology, and from there you create your own reality. Pay attention to what you are thinking. Jupiter would like to get behind you any way it can. Be mindful of what that sugar daddy bank rolls for you this week. Do you really want to get all fired up about this? Do you really want to feel such sorrow over that? Temper your protective and defensive tendencies with a bit of creativity and a lot of curiosity. Remain open and grounded.

Think of the week as a great brainstorming session: welcome everything for consideration and reject nothing (don’t make it more work than it is). At the end of the week don’t hesitate to review your progress, you might just be pulling in a big fish.

If you would like to talk about this or learn more about living in the deep ecology, schedule an appointment at attentiontoliving.com

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