Universal Weather: June 16, 2015

artwork by Samantha French

This is a big week for moving forward and making some sense of the mess of the last few weeks. This morning begins with a new moon in Gemini and the week ends with the Summer Solstice. It is all about beginning again. All in all, it can be a good week after quite a spell of struggling.

We will still see some affects of the mighty Mercury in retrograde, but the good thing is that you might have waded through enough of “it” to have discovered something useful. For me the GPS in my car has been a accurate gage of the energetic climate. I set my destination and the silly thing has me going in circles or taking the long way! The good news is, if I am patient enough I will get there. I can feel my jaw tense as my fingers hit the keys- patience! Who has time for that!

But despite my temperament, I am moving forward now. Even with some continued detours, it already feels a bit fast. Things will be moving this week like water let loose of a dam. It may be a bit of work to keep your head above the abundant waters. You might want to put some air in your life preserver or as I like to say, “Be sure to rest in the chaos.”

Resting in the chaos is taking time throughout your day for the little things that float your boat, like the sun on your face, a cool drink of water, the site of a child skipping. You get the picture. It sounds simple, easy even, but you might be surprised what a challenge it can be to take time for the little things.

Let this week be about love and beauty supporting your heart’s desire. The moon in Mars is going to give that a good boost (maybe a shove) so watch your temper or impatience, be courageous in the face of change. Pluto will oppose, so you may feel the tension at times- go with the flow. Uranus is going to square it, so welcome an unexpected or sudden transformation. It is a good thing. And sometimes good things don’t always feel good at first. Look for the light on Sunday and celebrate the glory of it. Go ahead and notice your progress. You deserve it!

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