Universal Weather, May 28, 2015

full moon sag

As a collective we have been moving like lightning towards a powerful full moon in Sagittarius. We have been grappling with issues of independence and co-dependence and it has seemed like it has been about, “if only she would do this,” or “if only he would do that.” Consider a bigger picture. Consider yourself in that picture. Consider the idea of, “if only such and such would happen then I could ….” What is it you would do? Now that you know where you’d like to be are you willing to go there? On your own?

If so, consider seeing (imagine it in your mind’s eye) that she or he or this or that is already in place and go about going where you want to go. Imagine that everything is already in place for you to be where you want to be. Imagine that the obstacles are opportunities to help you dig deeper into your own personal resources and create and influence your own reality. Oh, it might get a little dark and cloudy before you can see that light of day. Mind Friday’s forecast of, “you are not the boss of me,” and look inward on Saturday. See if you can notice what you are making for yourself. Let it marinate. Practice patience. Tuesday is just around the corner.

Remember: Respect the space, you are a steward of the universe.

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