“Coming Home” by Tami Boehle-Satterfield

Opening the heart
Artwork by Jslattum

I say,
“I shall always love this place forever,”
But can I manage the burden of such a love?
Would it overshadow my life
Until I was lost in the dark side of it.
Swallowed up like Jonah.
I feel that now,
Casting nets of doubt and distrust –
In the folds of a churning belly,
Making amends
My lot in life.

Say instead,
“I shall always have the love of this place.”
Handy as a memory –
A sunny day,
Warm light flooded the kitchen
Bathed in yellow glory.
I feel that now.
Casting out regret,
Washed clean
In my own free will,
The purpose of my being.

September 2014

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