“Learning To Let Go And Trusting That You Can Manifest Your Heart’s Desire.” Virtual Workshop


Virtual Workshop

We have a new moon in Leo coming in July 26. I like to look at the world and my life from many different perspectives. It gives me more options. It can make it easier to “see” what to do. It can make it easier to make sense of things and align my actions with my purpose. If you have interest in exploring this notion, you might be interested in working this new moon energy alongside of understanding the current universal energy flow. This is not necessarily about astrology, it is about utilizing readily available information (astrological energy) to understand things for a greater perspective. With more information, you will likely find it easier to influence your life and you might begin to really understand how to let go of the illusion of control and trust that it can work out for you. You might come to better understand the notion of faith.

Are you interested? If so, I will be providing a workshop on “learning to let go and trusting that you can manifest your heart’s desire.”

How does it work? Expect to receive emails from me that will include educational information about the universal energy at this time, strategies for thinking about it, suggestions for putting new thoughts into action, and questions for personal inquiry. You may also ask questions of me that I will answer to you, as well as share in my outgoing emails (without disclosing your personal identity) so that others “studying” alongside you can benefit from your wise inquiries — just like a classroom setting only its perfectly fine to be in your pjs!

When and how long? The week of July 21 through the week of August 18

What does it cost? Not a thing past your interest. It is a freebee.

Ready to get started? Send me an email letting me know your interest. Include: 1. A sentence that states you give me permission to share questions you may ask without including your personal or identifying information. 2. What you would like to gain from this workshop. 3. What your heart does desire.

Looking forward to working together.


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