“This is an exciting time to see what is possible”

Joe Webb as Yoda copy

The Uranus Pluto square continues and it is epic this week with Mars squaring Pluto while opposing Uranus. We have been faced with the Uranus square Pluto since 2012 and will see it through 2015. Uranus and Pluto have been called the ambassadors of the Galaxy. They invite us to go beyond the known and awaken our consciousness. The square provides the potential for serious discovery of what we have suppressed or of what we could become. There is no stopping it now, what’s been stuffed down and denied is spilling out.

This weeks additional aspect of Mars square Pluto might add elements of danger and trauma. Be on the look out for crisis junkies and mind your own need for drama. This reckless and even predatorial energy is best used by slowing it way down. Take the middle seat, practice the patience to see danger coming, and mindfully manage what would otherwise become abusive.

Now throw in the Mars opposition Uranus and sparks may fly. This energy is assertive, aggressive and maybe combative. Mind your need to argue, play devils advocate or simply let your passion to win get the best of you under this aspect. Personal freedom will be a big theme here. Slow it down and get good perspective before you get up on that high horse.

This week you will definitely benefit from slowing down your own physiology. BREATHE. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold it for 2, and exhale for 6. Practice just 3 times and return to your normal breath. It will slow it down so you can see what’s coming and do what you want to do with it. This week there might not be much room for trying so just do it. DO transmute your wild west instincts and channel the master within. As Yoda said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

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