New Moon In Gemini Inspires: “It Seemed Like A good Idea At The Time” 5/28/14

We will have a new moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces mid-day on 5/28/14. Gemini and Pisces are dual signs. When the two oppose each other it might feel like a house of mirrors, an endless square off. Armed with this information, it might be fun to watch.

You may have great ideas under this aspect, but you might also be deluded. This, for sure, will inspire some “watery” feelings and Neptune will add to the confusion by leaving you with only half the information needed to make any sense of it. You might think of someone trying to find their way out of a paper bag while struggling with feeling quite content in a paper bag, even considering that being in a paper bag is “where it’s at” and then again, feeling a little panicked to make their way out.

There might be a bit of lying going on. You might lie to yourself and your might meet up with others who are also lying to themselves. This can really undermine progress. The good news is that this too shall pass. Imagine your perspective when you do make your way out of the paper bag!

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