Don’t Fool Yourself – April 1, 2014

aries ram

The Sun is exalted in Aries. It will conjunct Uranus as it squares Pluto and Juptier this week. Wow, that is some ego! Mind your own and be prepared to notice it in others, especially those who aren’t minding theirs! What does this aspect look like? The Sun exalted in Aries can be a super “know it all”. Conjunct with Uranus, it is full of surprises. Squared Pluto – you might feel it deeply and Jupiter is like a big sugar daddy funding the whole shebang. Reactions to this energy might include inflated egos, obsessive control, making up the rules, and the destruction of order.

Now, this might be a good thing and you might benefit. Utilize this energy to let go. Let go of your precious way and get out of your own way. Forget the rules and be. Be in the flow. The destruction might be better framed as de-construction of the old way of doing it in favor for the new way. Don’t get burned, make this work for you.

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