Aquarius Super Moon Opening Doors- 01/30/14

Jen Gately Doors:Windows
Photography by Jenifer Gately

Yesterday’s Aquariuan Super-Moon was the second Super-Moon of January. A Super-Moon means that it was closest to the Earth and in direct alignment with the Sun and Earth. Two in a month means a double chance at new beginnings. So take a moment, with your feet flat on the floor, breathe and digest what is happening in your life.

In time you might notice that the Aquarius New Moon, representing freedom or liberation, is providing you the space to march to the beat of your own drum. If you feel a begging desire to express yourself, find a creative outlet and by all means EXPRESS! These expression are outward manifestations of what will eventually be a greater part of you. The New Moon energy is offering you a fresh new outlook that can empower you to move boldly forward. Now is the time and it is an exciting ride. Take a deep breath, as it does require a leap of faith.

Go ahead, change your mind and change your life. Get a new perspective and see the obstacles as opportunities. This New Moon is opening many doors.

Which one will you pick?

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