Full Moon December 17, 2013

rising phoenix

This full Moon in Gemini is powerful and it is coming in whether you like it or not! If you have been working the moon energy since the new moon in Sagittarius, full moon fruition will arrive on Tuesday.

Gemini is Mercury-ruled so this “search for wisdom” Sagittarius new moon energy is about to erupt into greater clarity concerning communication of all sorts, internal (mind/body/spirit? and external (other humans and outside forces at work). With this clarity things might get a little prickly. Keep yourself grounded and mind extremes.

This new moon-full moon energy is like a rising phoenix, the death of one aspect of yourself will allow a rebirth. It is a time to let go of that which no longer serves you. So if you have been working this moon cycle, notice how in coming days, it might be easier to get where you are going and work that. Look for the openings, timing is everything. If you haven’t been working the energy, it is not to late. Go ahead and jump on in Tuesday night and let the full moon assist you in letting go. Don’t know what to let go of? That’s okay. Just ask to let go of whatever is ready to move.

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  1. Your means of explaining everything in thi paragraph is really good,
    all bee capable of easily know it, Thanks a lot.

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