Universal Weather October 18, 2013


There is a lunar eclipse in Aries today. Jupiter in Cancer is involved and this is a good thing for new starts! In the new story, make yourself the winner. This energy won’t support losers! Look forward to a pleasant and peaceful weekend with a Grand Trine in Earth on Saturday. We could all use some good grounding after the ride it has been. The Grand Trine includes the moon, Mars and Pluto. So make an effort (Mars) to re-organize (Pluto) your innerself (moon). And while you are re-arranging the furniture in your head feel free to take some emotional garbage out. Either way, things should go well. There is an enormous emphasis on the Earth and Water signs over the weekend with the moon, Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all in either Earth or Water signs. It is all good. Water in earth are good companions. On Sunday, the Moon in Taurus will oppose Saturn. You might want to come to terms with something at that time. Feel safe, it is a good time.

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