“A Dirty Trick” by Tami Boehle-Satterfield


It’s all been said and done.
Said and done.
Well, not all done.
I’ve said.
And I’ve said again.
And before that I asked.
And I asked.
And I asked.
And like cutting boards
For good measure,
I asked again.

But you didn’t answer.
And she didn’t say.
And she didn’t say anything.
And he wasn’t going to tell.
And so I said,
I said,
“Look at this.”
“Did you know?”
“Do you know?”
My words,
Like doves let loose.
Your muffled response
Wrapped and cloaked and veiled.
I can’t make it out.

And you tap your cane.
Same old, same old act.
And she says nothing.
And she says nothing at all.
And he says, “Pick a card,”
And pulls a coin from behind her ear.
“See?”, you say.
I feel a sleight shift.
House left, from behind the curtain
The silent one, puffy and mean,
Spitting nails into the box.
Squaring the sides.
I don’t think she knows the trick,
But what do I know?

And now, ladies and gentleman.
Yes, g e n t l e m a n
I heard you say gentle man.
Have you not heard me?
What I said?
You smile,
Center stage,
Bowing in deference.
It is all blocked in now.
The spotlight fades down stage right.
Its a really big show.
Zig Zag.
Zig Zag.
From here, I can’t see who is doing the cutting.

Light bounces off a sequined jacket.
In a flash,
I remember.
The trick of misdirection.
Zig Zag.
Zig Zag.
Creating confusion.
Zig Zag.
Zig Zag.
The illusion.
The show is perfectly choreographed,
Zig Zag Zig Zag.
All done with smoke and mirrors.
Zig Zag Zig Zag.

I gasp,
The suspense is killing me.
Ahhh, my soft, last breath.
The special effect of penetration.
Knife in the back.
And then the four piece orchestra sounds Da Ta!
And when the box is halved
I come up missing.
And so N O W,
It is done.

December 25, 2012

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