“The Simple-Minded Human And An Unexpected Squall” by Tami Boehle-Satterfield

lightening storm

There was a deliberate vibration,
A shift,
A turn taken.
The Aspen trees trembled
And the tall Pines bowed in reverence.
The grasses supplicated to the great change.
The sky, gray-green, beseeched the sun and rolled over her,
Ushered her out and tucked her behind soft clouds,
Whispered, “This is not for you.”
And without light, the world became a glass half empty.

God bowled a mighty strike,
The earth shuddered
And the sky illuminated
A barbed reckoning.
Our attention,
Demanded and instantly obliged.
Mendicant servants,
Our muddied heads cleared with confessions,
“Hallowed God,
Lead us not into temptation.”

Focused and without hesitation
It reigned down a heavy decree.
Without compromise,
Leveling the scales and dismissing justice,
Willing It’s way.
The river rose up to meet its maker
And in one sweeping correction,
The hand of a God,
Flooded the subastral gap between Heaven and Hell,
Making life a watery underworld.

We were placed on notice.
Our mendacious plottings,
Pompous rantings,
Audacious exploitations,
All called out.
The makings of a human.
By the recollection
of our sea monkey beginnings,
We softened our backbones.

And it was all forgotten,
This humility,
When the Hand lifted the tempest
And the gray-green sky shifted softer and lighter.
That fast,
We ventured out.
Expected nothing,
But everything.
The Sun
And the Moon.

June 30, 2013

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