Universal Influences – May 9, 2013

As you might know, I only update you on particularly powerful energy forces. As always, if you aren’t noticing a thing, don’t go looking for trouble.

In the event you have been feeling the heavy, tight energy of the last few days. You may notice today a slight shift. In this shift you may feel some relieve. Be mindful that the shift from feeling pressured, like walking a tight rope, can leave you feeling a bit unbalanced and ungrounded. This dynamic can lead to “picking fights.” Be mindful and guide yourself with the mantra, “What is in my best interest?” Before speaking your mind frankly, measure its worth for today. Is it in your best interest to confront this issue today, or might you be reacting. If it is in your best interest, take a breath, ground yourself and proceed with confidence and compassion. Remember: compassion follows self-compassion. Take good care of yourself and you will do well for others.

Use your breath and the sound AHHHH for grounding and clearing your head of fear. Look forward to lighter and brighter weekend!

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