Universal Influences – May 6, 2013


The sky continues to be dominated by planets in Taurus as we head into the Thursday’s solar eclipse in Taurus. We have been feeling this push and pull energy for a bit. Hold tight, you may continue to notice the stress of it this week. It can feel like a tight rope or a line to toe. It can feel restricting to notice this and interpret it as leaving you little room for error. Use your breath to expand your field and give yourself more time and space.

Be mindful of Taurus’s influence for self-indulgence while Saturn is bearing down hard for control. Notice the tendency for all or nothing thinking. Stay on course and ride it out, like the wave of energy that it is. Use your breath and the intention “To stay in the flow”. Surprisingly, it is these times that teach us our true strength, abilities, and purpose.

And if you are not noticing the tension, go ahead and harness it’s power.

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