“Painting Pictures” by Tami Boehle-Satterfield


My love takes me
To colored spaces
In between
The plain days
Of making a living.

Sure footed up mountain trails,
We notice
Clusters of frosted blue berries
In an evergreen Juniper tree.

We catch our breath –
By ancient, rusted, rock Gods
Pictured in a majestic,
Azure blue window.

We are outstanding
275 million years of unrepentant iron oxide.
The cold, hard, crimson mesa
Chiseled in.

Steep, persimmon cliffs
Fall away
All around us.
Broken trees show the path

A brilliant, red, velvet curtain is drawing.
Sun sets.
The great Gods glow
And the sky pales in their flaming light.
Who’s idea was this?

We lay on our backs,
Offering our soft bellies.
Finding the other’s hand
And rest in the show of it.

1 comment
  1. www.aniammiloart.co said:

    Tami, that is truly great! I envision your walk on the path….

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