“The Bottle Washer” by Tami Boehle-Satterfield

“Marbles ’05” pastel by Sue Gardnermarbles05

All your words roll round in my head,
Round, cold, hard, and unforgiving.
Like a familiar game of marbles,
Like roulette,
Ever turning.
Round, and round, and round we go.
In time, they settle at the corners of my mind,
Seemingly forgotten glass balls.
Cats eye.
Milk glass.
Each with it own future
Coded DNA.
Little bombies.
And then, you give the old wheel a turn.
Knuckle down you say.
A line drawn in the sand
And the game begins.
Ready, set, fire.
You, the bottle washer.
I, the sitting duck,
The target for roley holes.
And you with your elephant stomps
And all the ways explained
Of quitsies and keepsies
Can’t change that
Our game was once customary,
But it has lost favour for me.

1 comment
  1. Patterns of communication can become mind games. Mind games are designed to seem like interactions of intimacy when in reality they function as distancers.

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