“The Anticipation Of Your Return” by Tami Boehle-Satterfield


In my stomach,
Just below the place
In the middle
Of the last rib,
A thin ribbon flutters.
And I feel it squarely
Between my breasts.

A warm sensation.
She spreads her wings
And fills my chest.
Wiggles up,
And sits deep at the back of my throat.
My jaw slack and accommodating.
Little dove. Sweet Spirit.

She waits,
And her weight is tremendous.
Pigeon of mine,
Feeding on the seeds of my affection.
A waggle of her tail

A prickly sensation,
Flares my nostrils.
Like buttons being pushed,
The zygomatic major
Draws the curtains,
Cheeks lift
On cue.

The orbicularis oculi
Stitch my eyes into crow’s feet
And from behind my teeth
She lights.

By my deep breath
And carried forward with my gait.
I step
On tiptoes.

Little messenger.
Arms reaching,
“Welcome back,”
I sing
My song.

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