Creating Your Own Reality Part 2 by Tami Boehle-Satterfield


Part 2

So you say that it is not working for you. Here is the thing: setting intentions to create your own reality is a bit like ordering at a busy restaurant. If, when placing your order, you were unsure of what you wanted, you may not get what you really want to eat. Has that ever happened to you? You order something out of ambivalence, and once it arrives you realize that it is not really what you wanted at all. You are disappointed. Angry even. After all, why can’t you have what you want?

You can have what you want, you just need to know what you want before you ask for it.

So, now, back to the busy restaurant. You flag your server down and let her know that you’ve changed your mind. She seems irritated and you may begin to doubt that you will get what you want. You may worry that you have made her mad. Or worse, you’ve made the chef mad. You might begin to imagine all the ways you won’t get what you want.

– You think “I am not going to get what I want.”

– You experience the emotion of FEAR.

– Your physiology changes in support of your thoughts and feelings.

Your physiology shifts into an expression of fear. Fear attracts danger, and you might just be calling in “spit in your soup.” You may feel sick to your stomach; you may feel pressure in your chest; your throat may feel tight; your head might hurt. Your sympathetic nervous system has kicked in and you are feeling stressed.

Okay. Take a breath. Breath in for the count of 4, hold it for 2, and exhale for 6. Take another. And a third. Notice the relaxed feeling you might be experiencing. Notice to any degree that your physiology has changed. Offer yourself gratitude for the willingness to create something different than was previously your reality.

Now, see what you want. Bring the belief forward that it is “safe to be me and all my needs will be met.” Breath it in. In this moment, look to the future and see what you want. Bring a thoughtful intention to your desire. In other words, order exactly what you want. Bring forward the belief that it is “safe to be me and all my needs will be met” and remain curious about how that will happen.

Next Post: How to order what your want.

Part 1

Creating your own reality is more than the popular buzz it stirs.

We create our own reality through the beliefs we hold. Remember that beliefs are, simply, well-guarded and highly valued thoughts. Thoughts can be changed. If you believe something that provides you little opportunity, then change your thinking to provide you greater opportunity. And then notice, how does that feel? What is the emotion stirred by your new thought? Do you expect that your new belief will provide you greater opportunity? Check your physiology. What is your body communicating to you? What do you feel in your body? Where do you feel it? Would you be better served with a different sensation?

And this is where creating your own reality begins.

Right at home.

Inside yourself.

Thoughts inform emotions and emotions inform actions. And life is manifested through action. So, align your physiology with your intention. Isn’t it easier to get something done when you feel confident and competent in your ability to do it?

Next Post: Help, it is not working for me.

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