Creating Your Own Reality – Part 1


Part 1

Creating your own reality is more than the popular buzz it stirs.

We create our own reality through the beliefs we hold. Remember that beliefs are, simply, well-guarded and highly valued thoughts. Thoughts can be changed. If you believe something that provides you little opportunity, then change your thinking to provide you greater opportunity. And then notice, how does that feel? What is the emotion stirred by your new thought? Do you expect that your new belief will provide you greater opportunity? Check your physiology. What is your body communicating to you? What do you feel in your body? Where do you feel it? Would you be better served with a different sensation?

And this is where creating your own reality begins.

Right at home.

Inside yourself.

Thoughts inform emotions and emotions inform actions. And life is manifested through action. So, align your physiology with your intention. Isn’t it easier to get something done when you feel confident and competent in your ability to do it?

Next Post: Help, it is not working for me.

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