The End Of A 30 Day Emotional Low Is Near!


If you have been doing “the thing you know you have to do”, you have probably faired this 30 day emotional low. If you have been avoiding “what you know you need to do”, it is not to late! Either way, it is beginning to feel lighter. Make that work for you today by stepping into a joyful zone.

Here are three good tunes to help shift your physiology. Turn them up and sing. When you come to the “Ahh” sounds, really let them go. “Ahh” clears fear and expands the mind. And if you are really willing to feel joy, stand up, raise your hands to the sky and make your sound. Enjoy the pleasant and powerful sensations of standing tall aligned in the sound of joy!

Find your own tunes. Listen carefully and notice how your body responds. For this meditation, look for upbeat, joyful sensations. Save moody or edgy “get up and go” for another time.

Have fun and be well.

Jump right in with Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves
Come from where you are with ABC by Michael Jackson
Take a little time to transition with Feelin’ Alright By Joe Cocker

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