3 Great Books For The Mindful


1. Zen Golf by Dr. Joseph Parnet- No need to even be interested in golf to enjoy this gem, it is full of good examples of how to live mindfully. There are great examples of how to recognize thoughts and feelings and how to experience more of the ones you like. A great book for those on the journey of mindful living.
2. Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan- No need to even be interested in trout fishing to be inspired by this classic. Brautigan, sometimes referred to as the God of counterculture, has written, with an amusing sense of humor, a book about how we really make it all up. A great book for the intellectual and mindful reader.
3. The Essential Marcus Aurelius by J. Needlemand & John P. Piazza- The words of the great Roman emperor are profoundly inspirational. His meditations on how to be a good person have withstood centuries and resonate today with particular meaning. No need to be a history buff to be in awe of this little text. A wonderful book for those who notice how interconnected we are and how we always have been.

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