Our Second Sofa by T. Boehle-Satterfield


And was there really the time of sitting on the sofa?
The one we bought at the fine department store in Chicago.
The one that never really was our taste,
But was very comfortable, just like the salesman said.
It was blue plaid with soft fades of pink and green squares.
It sounds awful now,
With it’s high buttoned back and pleated kick skirt.
What were we thinking
To bring home that sturdy oak frame with its 8 way hand-tied springs?
Foam filled cushions.
The best foam filled.
Not likely to ever let us down,
That giant blue and pink and green
Declaration of our successful independence.
And were there really Saturdays of sprawling across the lap of luxury?
Watching football games and old movies.
Nothing else to do?
What happened to that-
After dogs and babies,
And children,
And baby dolls and fighting ninjas,
And teenagers with spilled bottles and careless attitudes?
What became of the soft faded squares of blue and pink and green,
And the Saturday’s of watching football games and old movies?

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