We’ll All Float On Okay


The next couple of days will be busy and in the words of Modest Mouse, “we’ll all float on okay.” There are some choppy waters ahead over the weekend and into the week. It may feel similar to some of the “tight” energy we experienced in mid November. If you notice tendencies for wanting it your way, this same energy can be transformed for agreeable action that provides you deep healing. Keep perspective. Look for other ways and feel liberated by the choice that perspective may provide. Practice patience before any drastic action as this is a significant time. Use it for compassionate healing, notice if you find yourself wielding the surgeon’s knife. It is possible to cut something or someone out, be mindful that the time is right.

You may notice some confusion and misdirection into the week. There may be the tendency to boast or exaggerate. Temper the buoyant inspiration of Jupiter by opening your mind and think about one drop of water in an ocean of drops. Breathe with both feet on the ground. With good balance you can find good perspective. Look for the opportunities in the obstacles and remember: “we’ll all float on okay.”

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  1. Cait said:

    This was nice to read today. Thank you!

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