Hula Hoop Girl by T. Boehle-Satterfield

"Fractals Measured the Circular Energy of the Circus" by T. Boehle copyright 2008

Theodore Rathke wrote that she moved in circles and the circles moved with her.  How surprised I was to realize he spoke of her.  My girl, turning and spinning circles for all to see   At first, I turn from the exhibition of it.  Uncomfortable with the attraction.  I heard others comment and saw them stop to stare.  Some herding their children on, others gentle on knee pointing her out, still others encouraging theirs to speak with her.  To stand alongside her, to join her circle.  In the grocery store they speak of her to me.  I saw, they would say.  I heard, they would say.  I am not responsible — first said with fear and urgency and later with swelling pride.  How did she come to spin her own circles?  I don’t wonder long.  My question answered as quickly as asked.  She came that way.  Spinning circles and the circles spinning with her.

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