Meditation Is A Full Brain Workout

If you’ve been paying attention to your meditation feed, you know that several studies have recently been published reporting the positive effect that meditation has on the human brain. What’s so groundbreaking about these studies isn’t necessarily the results (I mean come on, shamans and gurus have known about them for hundreds if not thousands of years). What is so revolutionary is that science is now able to gather hard evidence as to the biological and neurological effects meditation boasts.

Noel Kirkpatrick, from Mother Nature Network, recently published a post on the results of one such meditation study out of UCLA. A follow up to a previous meditation trial, according to Kirkpatrick, the study found that meditation promotes activity in multiple areas of the brain and not just in one area as first thought.

“Meditation appears to be a powerful mental exercise with the potential to change the physical structure of the brain at large.  Collecting evidence that active, frequent and regular meditation practices causes alteration of white-matter fiber tracts that are profound and sustainable may become relevant for patient populations suffering from axonal demyelination and white-matter atrophy, ” she says.

The study appears in the online edition of the journal NeuroImage.


    • I am collecting 500 words or less on a meditative experience for a publishing project. The essay would describe your experience to let others understand the breadth of experience encountered while meditating. Would you like to share one?

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